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Industry Commitment

Harness Racing Australia (HRA) and its Members are dedicated to the humane treatment and welfare of horses. The cruel, abusive or inhumane treatment of a horse by any owner, trainer, driver, ...

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Policies & Rules

Harness Racing Australia has a comprehensive and robust governance system which designs, manages and regulates policies and rules.


The Standardbred

The Standardbred is a relatively new breed, developed in the United States in the late 1700’s.

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Horse Identification

Registered Standardbreds have historically been identified via a unique 'alpha angled' freezebrand on their neck,


Whip Use

“Community expectations of animal welfare continue to evolve at a rapid rate - particularly with regards to racing animals.”

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Race Injury & Incident Reports

Harness Racing Australia (HRA) developed and introduced an Injury & Incident Database during the 2011 season.


Drug Control

Integrity is a costly and time consuming, but very necessary, task for Harness Racing Australia's (HRA) Members.


Life After Racing

There are many and varied opportunities available to Standardbreds in their life away from the race track.

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Gear and Equipment

Harness Racing Australia maintains a Gear and Equipment List that is designed to be read in conjunction with the Australian Harness Racing Rules. As new items of gear and equipment...

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